French Roulette

Play French Roulette at Online CasinoFrench Roulette is a roulette variation, made popular by Monte Carlo casinos. You may ask yourself as British why play anything French, especially when they knocked us out of the Rugby world Cup twice, 1999 and 2007. Holding a grudge however, especially when French Roulette is so profitable is just plain dumb.

French Roulette is the most profitable form of online roulette you can play at online casinos and all roulette players, especially those who love placing outside bets. The game is most similar to European Roulette with the addition of a couple of rules that make the game a bit more interesting and also lower the house edge even further, down to just a elusive 1.35%.

Check out the table below and sing up to one of the best French Roulette online casinos out there to get into the action right away.

What is French Roulette?

French Roulette is a somewhat less popular, but very profitable form of roulette. In many ways, the game is very similar to European Roulette as it features the same 37 divisions, with numbers between 0 and 36. The numbers on the French Roulette wheel are placed differently, but this does not really make any difference in terms of odds and chances to win.

The players can place all the same bets they can on European Roulette, such as number bets, odd/even, red/black, dozens, rows and columns. Number bets pay at 35:1, while the outside bets pay 1:1, 2:1 etc, depending on which bet you are making. In every case, the fact that there are 37 numbers on the wheel and payouts only account for 36, which is what gives the casino an edge.

However, players get a little extra help when playing French Roulette. If a player places an outside bet that pays even money, such as odd/even or red/black and the ball lands in the Zero division, they will get to use one of two rules that are unique to French Roulette. These rules are called En Prison and Le Partage.
When using the En Prison rule, players will get to either take half of their original bet and concede the other half or leave the bet “imprisoned” for another spin. If the bet wins on the next spin, it will be released without any winnings.

When using the Le Partage rule, the player will receive half of their money back and will concede the other half of the bet to the house, without the option of leaving the bet on for another spin. The En Prison and Le Partage rules decrease the house edge to just 1.35% when the player is placing even money outside bets.

French Roulette vs. Classic Roulette

The main differences between French and Classic Roulette is the numbers placement on the wheel and the addition of the Le Partage and En Prison rules. The different setup of the wheel will not really change anything in terms of what you will win or lose but you will need to re-learn which numbers are the neighbors of your favorites.

On the other hand, the addition of the two extra rules does change the game quite a bit, especially when you are placing outside bets. These additional options will give you extra chances of saving some of your money when you hit that bad losing streak, which can be quite important if you are playing an even money payout strategy.

With the addition of En Prison and Le Partage, you will be able to reduce the house edge to just 1.35% and will need even less luck than you would in European Roulette to win money off the casino.

How to Play French Roulette Online

French Roulette can be found at most online casinos out there. All you will need to do in order to start playing French Roulette from the comfort of your home is sign up with one of the many online casinos offered on our list of best French Roulette online casinos and sign up for a free account.

Once you are all set up, simply deposit some money, make use of the welcome bonus and start playing the game of French Roulette. If you are in no mood to gamble for real money, online casinos will give you the option of playing for free, risking absolutely nothing in the process. Sign up to an online casino today, and you could be playing the best odds roulette game within minutes.

French Roulette Gameplay Tips

While French Roulette is the most profitable version of the game you could play, it never hurts to apply some extra steps to increase your chances even more. Here are a few friendly tips that you can use while playing French Roulette online that will improve your winning chances and make the game even more fun:

  • Place Even Money Bets: You will only be able to make use of the En Prison and Le Partage rules if you place bets on even money outside bets. Make the best of these rules by playing French Roulette when you feel like going for red/black or odd/even bets.
  • Know Your Chances: It is always good to understand what your odds are when gambling. Learn what each inside and outside bet pays and how it relates to actual chances of hitting a bet.
  • Mind Your Bets: French Roulette is a great game to bet progressively and aggressively. However, be careful not to overextend yourself and put too much faith in your chances to predict the color of the next number to come. Always remember to have enough money to keep playing if you are not running well.

Play French Roulette for Free

If you don’t feel like signing up to an online casino right now, you can check out French Roulette right here. Try out our free to play French Roulette game, learn how to place bets and apply the best roulette strategies for the game without risking anything. Learn the game for free and sign up to an online casino once you feel you are ready.

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French Roulette is the best form of online roulette game you can play. Use this page to learn all the rules of the game and make the best of the additional rules and our French Roulette tips and try the game in our free to play flash game. Once you are ready, sign up to one of our recommended online casinos and start playing the game of French Roulette and winning money with progressive outside bets.