Martingale Roulette System

The Martingale betting system originated in France in the 18th century and it was designed in order to beat the odds in the popular gambling game of roulette. To this day, gamblers worldwide use Martingale to try and gain an edge over casinos, from Auckland to Arizona.

On this page, we explain what Martingale is, how you can use it to try and make a profit and how successful it really is at beating the game of roulette. If you are looking for a good way to play roulette, there is nothing wrong with trying Martingale out and we will explain it to you in more detail. Once you have learned all the Martingale strategy details, don’t feel shy about joining any of these online casinos and starting to apply you newly founded knowledge.

What is The Martingale System?

Martingale system is a mathematical progression betting system designed to beat roulette and similar games. The system uses a simple progression as the player is supposed to double their bet every time they lose and take their winnings once they win, winning a single betting unit every time. For instance

  • Spin 1: Bet 1 Unit and Lose
  • Spin 2: Bet 2 Units and Lose
  • Spin 3: Bet 4 Units and Lose
  • Spin 4: Bet 8 Units and Win 16 Units

In the example above, we have lost three times in a row and won the fourth time, winning a total of 16 units. Up to that point, we have bet 15 units total (1+2+4+8), meaning we have won one unit. No matter how long it takes to finally win, the player will always win a single unit in the end, restarting the process once they win.

How it Works In Practice

Martingale system is very simple to use. You will start out by picking a starting bet of your choice. Online casinos are great for this as you get to pick your own starting bet and you can go very low compared to live casinos where bets are much higher. What is more, the spins go much faster in online casinos, so you won’t have to go through all the boring wait in between spins.

Once you are ready and know how much you want to bet, you place your betting unit on an outside bet such as red/black or odd/even. If you lose, you will bet the same outcome again, doubling your bet. You will continue to do so until you have finally won, when you will win one unit. Once this happens, you will restart the sequence, betting the other way this time. You may wait for long stretches of one outcome hitting and start betting against the streak continuing aggressively or simply bet one of the outcomes regardless of previous spins you did not bet on.

Risks and Upsides of Martingale

If you think about it, Martingale makes some sense. After all, how often have you seen a roulette wheel with 20 consecutive red numbers on the board? However, long stretches do happen and this how you can get caught out for some serious change. What is more, with a starting bet of just $1, you will be forced to bet over $10.000 to win just $1 after just 14 numbers. Here are a few main things you need to remember when using Martingale:

  • The House Edge is Unchanged: How much you bet does not increase or decrease the house edge at all. In fact, the house will always have the same edge on you on roulette no matter what you do. You could be betting all the numbers, a single number or a single outside bet, and the edge at European Roulette will always remain at about 2.8%.
  • Bets Get Real Big: The more losing numbers you hit, the more you will have to bet. Once you are up to that 14th number, we are talking over 10.000 starting units, plus all the ones you have lost already.
  • You Need a Huge Bankroll: In order to finance these swings, you will have to keep many thousands of bets in your bankroll, making winning a single unit at a time somewhat weird and unnecessary. What is more, the system only vouches for short term success, and in the long run, you may very well lose the entire bankroll.
  • Hard To Stop: If players were to stop after winning some amount, their risk of ruin may be very small. Yet, the maximized potential winnings of Martingale usually push people into playing more and more until they hit that horrid stretch and lose it all to the house.

All that said, here are a few things that make Martingale a solid betting system and one you may want to try out the next time you are playing at a roulette table:

  • Simple Use: Martingale is one of the simplest roulette systems and requires very little understanding of maths. Simply double the bet every time you lose and even if you could not multiply by 2, there are plenty of tables out there you can have with you.
  • You Choose Your Bets: No one will force you to bet more than you want to. Simply start out by betting something that you can sustain after a reasonable number of losing spins and you should do just fine.
  • Make Some Fast Money: In the short run, Martingale system can really turn a small bankroll into a more significant one very fast. However, make sure you don’t grow into a habit of playing Martingale all the time, as you will lose eventually.
  • Make It Fun: Playing Martingale can seem like taking a candy from a baby for quite some time. You will keep on winning and this will make things really fun and satisfying. Let’s just hope you don’t run into the horrible run anytime soon.

Is it Possible to Win with Martingale?

Over the course of a session, a day or even a month, players may find Martingale very profitable. This is one of the simplest and yet most profitable roulette systems in the short run that can really finish in you winning lots of cash really fast. Just remember to always keep the game about fun more than about money and you should have a great time using Martingale or any of the other roulette systems out there.