Roulette Bonuses

The online casino business is extremely busy and casino operators have to constantly compete and struggle for new customers. This is great news for you as some juicy offers are produced to entice you to play at the online casino you are browsing.

One of the standard ways to attract fresh players are bonuses which casinos issue on the first deposit and hopefully, on numerous other occasions.

This page focuses on the value of online casino bonuses for roulette players in particular. Keep reading and learn whether or not bonuses are good enough value for roulette players,  how to make the most of them while continuing to play roulette.

The table below includes the best bonuses for roulette players. We graded bonuses based on their size, wagering requirements and other terms and conditions that the add on.

What Are Welcome Bonuses?

Online casinos have to offer something special to players in order to attract them to join. With so many online casinos out there and many of them using pretty much the same platforms and a similar selection of games, it can become hard to find something unique to offer. Welcome bonuses help casinos stand apart and give them the edge in a highly competitive market.

What Do I Get from a Welcome Bonus?

Welcome bonuses are usually made up of several parts including a no deposit bonus, match bonuses and free spins. Each part of the bonus is meant for a particular type of players. Most casino Welcome bonuses give you:

  • No Deposit Bonus: A small amount of cash paid into your account upon registration. These bonuses don’t require a deposit and are usually no bigger than a few dollars. Still, they give players a chance to try out games without any risk involved.
  • Match Bonuses: The main part of the Welcome package at most casinos are match bonuses. One or more bonuses are issued on your first or several first deposits, which can range from 100% to as much as 500%. While some casinos limit the maximum bonus at $100, you may receive thousands at others, depending on your deposit amount.
  • Free Spins: Ideal for slots players, free spins give you a chance to play a selection of video slots without paying a cent. Receive anywhere between 10 and 300 free spins at online casinos and see if you can get lucky before you even start wagering money that actually came out of your pocket. Often, free spins are limited to a single slot, with NetEnt’s Starburst being a popular choice.

Other Casino Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are not the only type of bonuses that online casinos issue to their players. Very often, casino players will receive special bonuses via email or sms offers, which include reload bonuses, VIP bonuses, high roller bonuses and even occasional free spins when a new game is launched.

Reload bonuses are the most common type of bonuses other than welcome bonuses. Every now and again, the casino may send you an offer where by you may receive a new bonus if you make a new deposit with them. These bonuses are used as retention tools of online casinos, often issued to frequent players or those who have not played in a while.

VIP and High Roller bonuses are issued to players who reach a high VIP level with the casino by playing high stakes games or spending many hours at the game tables and machines. In such cases, you may receive an email or be contacted directly by a VIP player manager with a bonus offer which is often too good to say no to.

Occasionally, online casinos also issue random free cash or free spins to players in order to get them back to playing with them or to present a new video slot. In all these cases, wagering requirements apply, but free money is still free money.

Wagering Requirements Explained

Wagering requirements are set by the casino to make sure you don’t just take a bonus and run with the cash. Instead, these require you to wager the money you have received a certain number of times before you can request a withdrawal.

For instance, online casinos will commonly ask you to wager your bonus money 30 times before you can make a cashout. An example of this is an online casino which issues $100 bonus on your $100 deposit. If the wagering requirements say that you must wager your bonus 30 times, you will have to wager $3.000 before any withdrawal can be requested. This ensures that you use the money to actually play games and if you are lucky enough to win, you will be able to walk away with your profits.

Other Conditions of Casino Bonuses

Besides wagering requirements, online casinos often impose other terms on their bonuses. For instance, you will often only have a set amount of time to play through your bonus, with the money being taken away if you do not finish your wagering requirements within the timeframe. This timeframe will usually be anywhere between 7 days and 60 days.

Besides the time limitation, the casinos will usually limit how high you can bet and which games you can play towards the wagering requirements. The limit on single bets you can make to clear your bonus requirements is often set at $5, while wagers made on many games dont count in full towards wagering requirements. For instance, bets made at blackjack or roulette may only count for 10% of their overall size. These games have an extremely small house edge and the casinos would rather you play slots with the bonus money.

In either case, when you take a bonus from an online casino, make sure you read through all the terms and conditions and only start playing once you are sure you understand the rules of the bonus.

Do Casino Bonuses Make Sense for Roulette Players?

There is no easy answer here. On the one hand, bonuses give you more money to play with, but on the other, they force you to wager obscene amounts of money before you can cash out, putting possible winnings at jeopardy.

The fact is that some bonuses are becoming less and less valuable for roulette players as online casinos impose additional rules on what you can or can’t do with the bonus money. Ideally, you want to use a betting system to reduce your variance and the house edge and hopefully win some money while making pretty big wagers to meet your wagering requirement.

Unfortunately, many online casinos will not let you use betting systems when playing roulette with bonus money, so make sure you read through those terms and conditions and find out if your roulette strategy is allowed under the rules of the promotion. If yes, than a casino bonus will likely be a very good idea.

Are There Any Bonuses for Roulette Players?

Fortunately for roulette players, casinos are in constant competition and this is why some give bonuses which are better value for roulette players in particular, with the real intention to bring players who can trust and stick with them. Check out the table below for best online casino bonuses for roulette players.

Final Words

Roulette players may not be the intended audience for most online casino bonuses, but in most cases there is nothing essentially preventing you from clearing a casino bonus at the roulette tables. The thing to keep in mind is that casinos do put many restrictions on what you can do with your bonus money, so make sure you understand the bonus in full before you start making roulette wagers with it. Use the casino bonuses from the list above to get the most and have fun crushing the casinos with every spin of the wheel.