Roulette Variations

Roulette has been among the top casino games for millions of casino lovers worldwide for decades. Over the course of its history, the game has developed, with new variations emerging in live casinos in Europe and America. As more players got involved with roulette, changes were made to the way the numbers are set on the original wheel, additional numbers were added and new rules introduced, to give the player more options and in some cases even improve the odds of winning.

Online casinos are really the only true ‘home’ for all these different forms of roulette and give players a chance to cherry pick, how and what they want to play.

On this page we will introduce all the most common types of roulette you can find in online casinos, their rules, advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading and find out why you should play all the different variations of roulette and what the best casinos to play each of them on are.

American Roulette

Probably the most common roulette game in live and online casinos, American Roulette is the variation of the game where the wheel contains 0 and 00 fields, giving the casino a substantial edge. Nevertheless, American Roulette is an extremely fun game to play and extremely popular among players both in the American live casinos and the online casinos around the net.  This is probably due to the Media exposure and popular films which include this version of the game.

American Roulette is offered by most major online casino brands, with the likes of Casumo Casino and 32Red offering generous bonuses and tons of action at the American Roulette tables. Play the game on a virtual table or with live casino dealers streaming the action from brick and mortar establishments.

European Roulette

A more classic variation of roulette commonly found in European live casinos is the European Roulette. This game is also very popular in online casinos, with its low casino edge giving it extreme allure. Players can benefit greatly from the fact that only a single 0 number is present on the wheel, increasing the chances of winning on all bets.

European Roulette is offered by huge casino brands such as Paddy Power Casino where players can enjoy the game in a classic European setting usually with Irish themed tables and layout. Sign up today and see if you can brush off some luck of the Irish and hit big at the European Roulette tables.

French Roulette

French Roulette is a very special variation of the game and always available for online play. The game uses a classic European Roulette wheel and table, with the introduction of several extra rules that further decrease the house edge and make the game even more profitable for the players.

French Roulette introduces both  La Partage and En Prison rules which allow players to retain some of the losses on even money bets when 0 hits, and giving players some extra winning opportunities. Check out French Roulette at William Hill Casino, where live and virtual French Roulette wheels are available.

Other Roulette Variations

Online casinos have brought a real revolution to the game of roulette, with new variations being introduced by different casinos all the time and the game evolving at unprecedented pace. Games like Rapid Roulette, Mini Roulette and Multi Wheel Roulette have been receiving increasing numbers of players across the brands and are all on the verge of becoming classics.

These new roulette variations usually aim to make the game more fun for the player by introducing new features and functionalities to use. Multi Wheel Roulette, for instance, allows the player to spin multiple wheels at the same time, all paying out on your initial bets. Rapid Roulette, on the other hand, has been making appearances in live and online casinos alike, offering lightning speed gameplay and tons of fun.  

All these roulette variations and many more can be found at all our recommended online casinos, with each casino having a unique list of their own variations. Check out different casino lobbies and find new roulette variations you have never played before for even more fun and excitement!

Our Favorite Roulette Games

We have described the different types of roulette and where you can find them, but we went a step further with examining particular versions of these games. Our personal casino and roulette experts have examined the versions created by the popular casino game developers and have found the ones that offer the finest gameplay experience.

When looking at the game of French Roulette, we have found the NetEnt version of the game to offer the most complete experience, with a clean layout, a perfectly designed French Roulette table and plenty of fast paced action going on. Track the hot and cold numbers and spin the wheel accordingly.

The Playtech version of European Roulette was another that fascinated our experts, with a very classic looking table, enjoyable background music and no extra clutter to make things messy. Players get to experience all common features of European Roulette along with fantastic stats monitoring software.

Finally, for those players who choose to play American Roulette ahead of other variations, the Microgaming Powered tables offer that ultimate fun that the game’s particular flavor adds to the experience. Enjoy playing American Roulette with a slightly cartoonish and ultimately fun layout.

Plenty of Choices

The game of roulette offers more versatility and variety than most other casino games. Especially in online casinos, players get to pick the version of the game they want to play from a sea of options. Enjoy the high variance of American Roulette, the classic feel of European Roulette of one of the many special variations of online roulette games that cannot be found in brick and mortar casinos.

Sign up to one of our recommended online casinos, found in the table above, and start using the generous bonuses the casinos offer to skyrocket your bankroll to new heights. If you are not yet ready to start playing for real money, you can try out each type of roulette completely free in demo mode for practice money.